Mosaics In The Community

The annual MOSAICS Fine Art Festival provides youth art activities and opportunities, including:

Supports community and school arts organizations
Art Shop for Kids (11a-4p Sat/Sun during the Festival)
Children’s Village (11a-4p Sat/Sun during the Festival)
Artists for Adoption – Pet Pavilion (11a-4p Sat/Sun during the Festival)
Joyce Rosen Scholarship Foundation -encouraging emerging artists in our community and awarding scholarships (during the Festival)

Learn more about our historic location, Saint Charles, MO

Stray Paws Rescue believes it is a moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of rescued animals and place them in loving permanent homes in St. Louis Metro area. Please make a prospective pet’s day by donating to our Wishlist at Stray Paws Rescue STL Donations.

Rosalee, was in a high kill shelter in Memphis, to be euthanized. Her foster went to the shelter to intake 8 other dogs & saw Rosalee and couldn’t leave her. She is now living her best life with her new owner, even certified as an emotional support dog. She has overcome so much, but is still learning that she is safe. She loves her kids & her mom. She found her happy ending!

Meet some of Rosalee’s friends at the Artists for Adoption – Pet Pavilion 11a–4p Sat & Sun during the Festival, located at the end of North Main near the Children’s Village.  You may be just the forever home your new pet is looking for!

Preferred Family Healthcare, a nonprofit agency, is a comprehensive behavioral health services provider offering substance abuse treatment/prevention and mental health services. The agency strives to provide integrated care to assist individuals of all ages and backgrounds in achieving overall health and wellness.

Through our Achieving Resiliency & Responsibility & Recovery Through Creativity (A.R.T.C.) programs, we provide a wide range of creative opportunities and experiences which allow program participants, young and old to use their talents, strengths and interests as tools for personal growth and recovery. Originally developed within our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs we have expanded A.R.T.C. to provide adults with substance use disorders and those struggling with persistent mental illness as well as youth experiencing a broad range of risks with innovative opportunities in both the prevention and treatment arenas.

With strong visual and performing arts components, A.R.T.C. strives to use the language of creativity to ensure individuals with a wide variety of learning styles are given impactful opportunities to learn and change. Focused on the provision of both strengths and interest based prevention activities and interventions, A.R.T.C. takes both education and intervention to a new level, providing engaging and powerful vehicles within which to deliver messages of hope and crucial information that will allow for sustained personal change.

This year Mosaics is once again working together with Blank Canvas Studios supporting artistic talent of individuals with developmental disabilities.

In 2009, Blank Canvas opened their studio with a goal of providing a nontraditional program to individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Charles County. The studio is to provide people of all ability levels the opportunity to create and be celebrated for their very special style of outsider art. The studio falls under the umbrella of Resources for Human Development (RHD) and are just 1 of the over 100 programs RHD supports throughout the country.

Backed by our values, the studio allows artists the opportunity to create uninhibited art to the best of their ability. Individuals who participate in the art studio are considered professional artists and have the opportunity to showcase and sell their art work in our gallery and in the local community. They are supported by a team of trained artists that strive to integrate our studio into the larger art community and encourage the involvement of local artists and patrons. Artists that attend our studio have opportunities to explore a variety of art mediums, including but not limited to, painting, sculpting, graphic design, illustration, printmaking, drawing, silk screening, dance and movement, performing arts, photography, video, and music.

In addition to our art-related activities, our artists are encouraged to explore their community by taking trips to local museums, parks, concerts, shopping for supplies, and participating in volunteer opportunities. Blank Canvas Studios artwork will be displayed in the Children’s Village area located in the 400 block of North Main Street.